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Promoted Canal+ International's new French channel on DirecTV to US-based French audiences via targeted Social Media Ads, to boost followers and subscribers.

Canal+ (the “French HBO”) launched a new TV channel in French in the US, exclusively available on DirecTV. Our mission was to work with Canal+ International USA and DirecTV to design a Facebook Ads Campaign in order to create awareness among French people living in the US and boost new subscribers.

Canal+ International Facebook Ads Campaign

The Challenge

Canal+ International launched a new set of TV channels in the US. Only available on DirecTV, they are airing exclusively shows and movies in French.

Our mission was to design a Facebook Ads campaign in order to create awareness among French living in the US and boost subscriptions to the service.

We have worked very closely with Canal+ International USA and DirecTV to create the Facebook Ads campaign. We anticipated a complex approval process since both Canal+ International and DirecTV teams had to green-light it.

The Strategy

We designed Facebook Ads that resonate with French audiences. We used the familiar “Canal+ spirit” tone in the copy and images to be in line with the brand’s tone and connect with the audience.

Since the service is available only on DirecTV, we had to target French-speaking audiences using – or having access to – DirecTV everywhere in the US.

The Outcome

In 60 days, the duration of the campaign:

  • The Facebook page Canal+ International USA grew by 18.4% in new followers.
  • The campaign reached 262k people, 87% of the total estimated target audience.
  • We’ve generated 3.4k targeted clicks from Facebook to the service’s subscription page.
  • Average CPC: $0.72 (overall FB avg: $1.86 in 2019)
  • Average CPM: $9.32 (overall FB avg: $11.20 in 2019)

The Facebook Ads Campaign

Below a few samples of the Facebook Ads we created for the campaign.


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