Exclusive Networks x F5

Our mission
Promote a Strategic Partnership of Two Major Tech Companies

During the second quarter of 2022, Exclusive Networks, a globally recognized cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure, unveiled its latest collaboration with F5, a leading provider of multi-cloud application security and delivery solutions, in the North American market.

The Challenge

Our objective was to generate awareness and drive lead generation for Exclusive Networks’ new partnership in the North American market, encompassing the United States and Canada. Our efforts aimed to attract potential clients interested in F5’s comprehensive range of offerings, including BIG-IP, NGINX, and F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

The allocated budget for the campaign posed several challenges. Firstly, the cybersecurity industry has always been fiercely competitive, resulting in higher costs per click (CPC) and cost per lead (CPL) compared to other sectors. Secondly, the pandemic-induced surge in demand for cybersecurity services and tools among businesses of all sizes added complexity to the market dynamics. Lastly, given the sheer size and significance of the North American market, our strategy necessitated a laser-focused approach to target the right audience and optimize the client’s budget for maximum results.

The Strategy

We delivered a comprehensive set of services to maximize effectiveness and achieve exceptional outcomes.

  • Messaging development: Ensured a unified and impactful message across all marketing assets, tailoring it to resonate with the campaign’s specific target audience.
  • Organic social media campaign: Leveraged Exclusive Networks’ expanding social media presence in the North American region to engage with the target audience effectively.
  • Lead generation campaign: Utilized paid LinkedIn advertisements and syndication techniques to meticulously target the campaign towards the most relevant audience, optimizing results and generating valuable leads.

The Outcome

During the two-month campaign:

  • 120 qualified leads were generated (83% based in the US)
  • About 500k people were reached, as many people as our estimated target audience
  • NGINX was by far the most efficient lead magnet
  • We used LinkedIn public profiles to enrich our leads database

Assets Created for the Campaign

Samples of social media content created for the Kickstarter campaign.


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