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We revitalized House of Cocotte's digital presence by creating a multifunctional website that mirrors its vibrant coworking hub, French-inspired restaurant, and hidden speakeasy in LA's Arts District, establishing it as a landmark destination.

Our Mission: Crafting a Unique Digital Presence for House of Cocotte

For the eclectic and vibrant House of Cocotte, nestled in LA’s bustling Arts District, we undertook the exciting challenge of creating an online portal that mirrored their multifaceted physical space. Our primary objective was to design a digital platform that not only showcased their offerings—from a coworking hub and a French-inspired restaurant to a clandestine speakeasy—but also integrated these elements into one cohesive, engaging user experience. The goal was clear: to capture the essence of House of Cocotte’s dynamic atmosphere and translate it into a functional and aesthetic online presence that extended their reach and enhanced user interaction.

House of Cocotte - Cuisine & Hub logo

The Challenge: Capturing Diversity on a Single Digital Platform

The challenge lay in constructing a website that could encapsulate the complex and diverse ecosystem of House of Cocotte. The site needed to serve distinct functions, catering to different user needs while maintaining a unified brand aesthetic. This involved creating separate, yet interconnected sections for the Hub, Cuisine, and Speakeasy areas of their business. Each section had to not only preserve its unique identity but also contribute harmoniously to the overall brand image.

  1. The Hub section: As a vibrant coworking space, it required a functional interface for bookings and detailed presentations of amenities like the podcast studio and communal kitchen.
  2. The Cuisine section: This section had to evoke the ambiance of their restaurant, complete with interactive menus and easy reservation capabilities.
  3. The Speakeasy section: Nestled behind a deceptive bookshelf, this area needed a design that was both subtle and intriguing. We needed to reflect its secretive nature while remaining accessible to those in the know.

The Strategy: Developing a Multidimensional Web Experience

Our approach was strategic and multifaceted, tailored to reflect the unique elements of House of Cocotte:

  • Le Hub: Implementation of a dynamic booking system, comprehensive amenity descriptions, and a virtual tour were essential. These features were designed to attract professionals and creatives seeking a stimulating workspace, showcasing Le Hub’s vibrant community and cutting-edge facilities.
  • La Cuisine: We developed interactive menus that allowed users to explore culinary offerings and chef specialties before visiting. An easy-to-use online ordering system and a streamlined reservation interface were designed to enhance the gourmet experience and simplify access for diners.
  • Carte Blanche, The Urban Art Speakeasy: To capture the allure of this hidden gem, we incorporated elements of mystery and exclusivity in the web design. Teasers and subtly hidden content enticed users to discover more, thereby enhancing engagement and retaining the speakeasy’s secretive charm.

Throughout the website, we employed high-quality imagery that resonated with the artistic and urban vibe of the venue. A cohesive color scheme and intuitive navigation ensured a seamless and fluid user experience across all sections, reinforcing the brand’s image as a creative and cultural hub.

The Outcome: Establishing a Digital Hub as Dynamic as Its Physical Counterpart

The launch of House of Cocotte’s website marked a significant milestone in their digital journey. The new site successfully mirrored the brand’s physical space in its digital form, significantly enhancing both visibility and accessibility. Metrics gathered post-launch indicated a substantial increase in user engagement:

The website has since become an indispensable tool in cementing House of Cocotte’s reputation as a landmark destination in downtown LA. It has not only expanded their customer base but has also enhanced the overall customer experience by providing an easy and accessible way to explore and engage with all facets of their business. This digital transformation has contributed significantly to their vision of becoming an iconic urban sanctuary and a beacon for creativity and culture in Los Angeles.

House of Cocotte DTLA - Website


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