Branding / Brand Identity

Don’t break the bank with our branding services for small businesses.

Branding is a vital part of your business. It will help you both understand and communicate who you are.

Building a brand is way more than designing a memorable logo. Brand strategy and positioning drives most of your business decisions, whatever the size of your company. However, it is too often overlooked. 

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Defining the core values of your brand and how to articulate them is critical. We create brand guidelines for your marketing team to follow, including a competitive analysis, and much more.

Logo & Visual Identity

We design - or refresh - your visual identity based on your values, target audience and brand history. Deliverables include a logo, typeface, color and design elements, and visual brand attributes. We also include social media visual templates ready to be used.

Brand Messaging

It's the message that tells why your brand matters, the value proposition conveyed, and the language used in your content. Brand messaging defines the difference from the competitors.

Online Presence

Online brand consistency is key for brand recognition. We redesign - or build from scratch - your website and your social media presence.