Our story

We Understand Your Business Needs Better Than Anyone Else. Because We’ve Been There!

From Paris to LA, we have worked on hundreds of digital projects. Small ones. Big ones. Challenging ones. Locally and globally.

We have experienced success and failure. We have worked with brilliant people and b*llshitters too.

Ten years in the consumer space, ten more in a giant B2B tech company. That’s 20 years of experience and counting.

And here we are, running our own digital agency ready to share our experience with you to grow your business.

Excited to see you reading these lines. Welcome to your digital agency.

Why "Royal Cheese"?

I’m a French entrepreneur in a very crowded and competitive space. I wanted to create a memorable brand, one that piques curiosity, and implicitly add a “French touch” to it. So I took a cup, added a bit of Pulp Fiction (remember the famous Quarter Pounder with Cheese discussion in the car?), mixed it up with an intended pun about my last name, and there you go.

Black logo of Royal Cheese Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

We work with

B2B companies

Social Media is not reserved for clothing, food and other B2C companies. But as B2B marketers, we do know how challenging it can be for most business to business companies to go online with a compelling message. By delivering the right creative online marketing strategy to the right audience, we help your B2B business grow and take it to the next level.

EU Companies

Entering the US market

More and more European organizations are expanding their activity on the US market with ambitious plans for profit and growth but can have holes in their planning. We help EU companies rethink and remodel their digital strategies to make them as successful as possible when entering the US market.

Consumer brands

Social Media is a must for all consumer brands out there. But to be efficient and cost effective, you have to do it right! Our social media agency helps B2C brands increase their awareness online, reach the audience that matters and grow their influence.

Meet Royal Cheese Digital's

Executive team

Olivier GRUERE, CEO Royal Cheese Digital
Olivier GRUERE


Olivier is the Founder & CEO of Royal Cheese Digital.

He has been working in the digital space for more than 20 years, and in social media marketing since the very beginning, for both consumer brands and B2B companies, including 10 years at Technicolor.

He is based in sunny Los Angeles, CA.