Digital Marketing Strategy

Your Digital Marketing Strategy = The Foundation Of Your Online Marketing Plan

With no strategy, you have no direction. Taking into account your vision, your mission and your business goals, our digital marketing strategy services will define a realistic action plan and outline the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.
Digital Marketing Strategy Services Los Angeles

Digital Marketing Goals

Goal setting is a staple of all business and marketing strategies. Digital and social media are no exception. Our digital marketing strategy services will define and document realistic digital marketing goals that solve your biggest challenges.

Social Media Audit

Understanding where you are coming from as a business and where you stand today is important to outline where you want to go next. Investigating your competitors’ social media strategy is also critical to learn and grow from their success and failures.

Target Audience

Who are you talking to? Understanding your audience is critical to your digital strategy success. Who buys your products or services? What is their age, their level of income, their location. This will define which networks you should focus on.

Digital Content Strategy

Content is kind. But you know that already, right? Define a clear digital content strategy that fits to your core audience, a tone of voice true to your brand identity, and a cadence realistic to your resources and budget.

Key Performance Indicators - KPIs

If you cannot measure it, you cannot (im)prove it. That’s why tracking and analyzing all your digital efforts on a regular basis is important to optimize you digital strategy and tactics on the long run.


Measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing isn’t an easy task. Taking into account your goals, your KPIs, and your expense, we are able to measure your Digital and Social Media Return On Investment (ROI), Return On Attention (ROA) or Return On Engagement (ROE).