Our mission
Create and Manage the Crowdfunding Campaign for an Award-Winning Product

In the fourth quarter of 2022, we had the privilege of collaborating with TALI CONNECTED, a renowned French startup that focuses on creating innovative and seamlessly integrated gear for motorcycle enthusiasts. They entrusted us with the task of launching their worldwide crowdfunding campaign, leveraging our expertise in this field.

The Challenge

Our primary objective was to design and oversee a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that would introduce TALI CONNECTED’s acclaimed products to the market: the iT-C Smart Helmet and the SP-1 Safety Beacon.

Despite TALI’s impressive track record of receiving prestigious accolades at major global technology exhibitions like CES 2020 and 2022, their brand recognition and online presence were mainly confined to France. Additionally, all marketing materials were initially available only in French and needed adaptation to cater to an international audience.

Lastly, we collaborated with another agency that specializes in all aspects of Kickstarter, ensuring compliance with the platform’s regulations and specifications.

The Strategy

We offered a comprehensive range of services to enhance the campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Social media audit and analysis: Conducted a thorough assessment of TALI’s social media presence in comparison to its competitors, studying successful crowdfunding campaigns for valuable insights.
  • Brand Messaging: Adapted the brand’s message specifically for the US market, ensuring a consistent and impactful communication across all marketing materials.
  • Translation and creation of assets: Generated all the necessary marketing assets tailored to the US market, including written content, graphics, and visuals.
  • Video production: Conceptualized, filmed, and edited a premium-quality video highlighting the remarkable features of TALI CONNECTED products. This video served as the centerpiece of the Kickstarter campaign.
  • Organic and paid social media campaign: Devised, managed, and scheduled social media content to engage with the target audience organically, as well as utilizing paid advertising to maximize reach and impact.
  • Collaboration with Kickstarter partner: Maintained close collaboration with TALI’s designated Kickstarter agency to synchronize marketing strategies and optimize the overall success of the campaign.

The Outcome

The Kickstarter campaign was successful and exceeded more than 300% of its initial funding goal.

  • $110k+ raised on Kickstarter in 2 weeks
  • 110+ backers to date (and counting)

The Video

Social Media

Samples of social media content created for the Kickstarter campaign.