Artemis Purely Plants

Our mission:
Support The Launch Of A New Health Brand

Artemis Purely Plants, a startup in the health industry, created a revolutionary herbal pain formula called RELIEVE. They asked for our expertise to help them launch their product online by creating the brand and its digital presence from scratch. This includes its brand identity and message, e-commerce site, and social media content.

The Challenge

Artemis Purely Plants was a brand new brand. So our main challenge with this project was to create from scratch Artemis Purely Plants’ brand and online presence.

Another big challenge was the nature of product itself subject to many restrictions. So we had to make sure all the decisions made and actions performed were compliant with all the policies and restrictions applied to healthcare-related products online.

Lastly, we had to compete with a fast-growing trend of “very cool branded” CBD-based products (a chemical extracted from cannabis plants) with similar pain-relieving effects.

The Strategy

To create the brand, we decided to primarily focus our efforts on the plant-based nature of the formula, legal in all US states, and on scientifically proven results comparable to other famous pain relievers without the risk of addiction.

Then, we designed a completely branded e-commerce site (Shopify) easy to use and mobile-friendly to sell the product online. At the same time, we created a social media presence to tease the target audience, create excitement and populate the customer database.

The Outcome

  • A brand new e-commerce shop ArtemisPurelyPlants.com, based on Shopify, fitting the requirements of the client;
  • More than 1k+ followers joined their Facebook page in 30 days, excited for the launch of the product;
  • Half a dozen blog posts were published, along with one social post per day (Facebook & Instagram).

The brand identity

The Digital Activation

With the help of Artemis Purely Plants‘ team, we have identified the brand’s key/strategic topics to focus on to create a relevant content structure based on them.

VIDEO – Lecture about pain management, origins of the product

It was important to demonstrate the product was “legit” by showcasing the expertise and seriousness of the brand and its creator.

Social Media

Samples of social media content created for the launch.


Visit the e-commerce store live on ArtemisPurelyPlants.com.


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