Case Study

Architects of Amazement - Technicolor

Services Used

  • Social Media Campaign, Video Content & Management
  • Social Advertising

Showcasing the Breadth and Depth of Technicolor

The purpose of this Corporate Social Media Campaign – Architects of Amazement – was to showcase the breadth and depth of Technicolor centered around the theme that they are an innovative Creative Technology Company, as part of their 100 year anniversary celebration.

The Challenge

To design an awareness social media campaign with a heavy focus on end-users, highlighting Technicolor’s technology, talents and global coverage in an awe-inspiring and easy-to-understand format.

The Strategy

To create a series of dynamic short videos designed for native social media consumption and to showcase Technicolor’s artists and innovators who wring amazing experiences to life.

The Outcome

Architects of Amazement: a social media campaign reaching 6M+ people, generating 1M+ video views on social media platforms, and boosting their follower base by +15%.

The Social Media Campaign

Architects of Amazement

With the help of Technicolor’s marketing team, we have identified the key/strategic topics to be highlighted in the campaign, and cast the right talents to be featured in the videos. All interviews were prepared prior to the video shoot but unscripted to keep a natural flow of speech. Each video piece was edited, color graded and sound mixed, and then posted as native social media content on YouTube and Facebook with extra amplification on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

See below the end result.

The Secrets of VFX

Special effects take us to places beyond our wildest imagination. Go behind the scenes at Technicolor, where the best work is being done so you don’t notice it.

VR: The Next (R)evolution

Virtual Reality is defining a brand new language for storytellers. Learn how Technicolor is helping write the dictionary of the next entertainment (r)evolution.

The Power of Color

Color is an integral part of storytelling. Learn how Technicolor’s expert colorists can completely transform a scene through the manipulation of light and color.

The HDR Revolution

High Dynamic Range is about to change everything in digital entertainment. Find out why, and learn how Technicolor helped pave the way for HDR content distribution.

The Connected Home of Tomorrow

We’re ready for tomorrow, but is our WiFi? Meet the expert at Technicolor who’s revolutionizing broadband to bring our homes up to speed.

Virtual Reality Storytelling

VR is creating new challenges and opportunities for immersive storytelling. See how Technicolor and our family of brands are working with VR content creators to bring their creative vision to life.