Catching up with other major social media networks, LinkedIn is now supporting native video content. From now on, the leading B2B social media network allows companies to run LinkedIn native videos in their ad campaigns and within their Company Pages.

LinkedIn already made this functionality available to its 500+ million members last summer, so it was a natural move to extend it to companies as well.

What does it mean for your B2B social media strategy?

From an advertising standpoint, LinkedIn native videos will allow you to unleash the full potential of LinkedIn by creating video campaigns designed for B2B audiences. This opens new creative ways to recruit talents, to showcase your business, to celebrate your clients and partners, and much more.

From a content strategy point of view, LinkedIn is now a network you can rely on for your video content strategy. You can update your Company Page with LinkedIn native videos directly in your posts. They will then play automatically in your followers’ mobile and desktop feeds.

What does it mean for videos hosted externally then? Until now, to promote videos via LinkedIn, B2B marketers had to host them on an external video network like YouTube to embed them in updates. These videos also were played automatically in the news feed. It is still the case so far, but don’t expect it to last forever. Facebook was also autoplaying external videos until they started supporting their own native videos.

Bottom line is: when you have videos to promote on LinkedIn, post them as native content when you have a chance. It will boost their visibility, increase your engagement and optimize your B2B social media strategy.

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