Do you want your employees to be more engaged on a day-to-day basis? To perform better? Whether you are a consumer brand or a B2B organization, you can improve employee engagement through social media by better communicating on your business strategy and values.

Employees are happier at work – and achieve more – when they understand what they strive for. They need to understand how values relate to their roles and the company’s success. And don’t assume they all do! 61% of employees don’t know their company’s mission statement. And only 14% really understand their company’s business strategy. Shocking right?

Most of the time, the pain point is coming from a lack of – or poor – internal communication. 75% of employees feel that they’re missing information. Got an Intranet? 90% say that their company’s intranet isn’t useful. That explains why only 13% of employees visit their Intranet on a daily basis, while 31% of them indicate that they never do so.

Improve employee engagement through social media

That’s when social media steps in. Think about it: 77% of Americans have a social media profile, and they spend an average of two hours on social media every day (approximately 116 minutes). And time spent on social is only expected to increase. What an opportunity!

Firstly because what you share externally on social media is accessible to all your followers including your employees. Invite them to join.
Secondly, your external messages appeal to your target audience and are usually easier to understand than internal verbiage. Because when you explain things to people not familiar with your area of expertise, you articulate your strategy in the simplest and most focused way possible.
And lastly, because it’s engaging. Employees can like, comment and share the information safely with their own social media followers. Your organization puts the word out, so the risk of message distortion is extremely low. And it makes your employee social media monitoring way easier for you.

Your ability to use social media to improve employee engagement in real time is critical to your business’ success. It helps educate employees, share facts, quash misinformation. Frequent and timely communication helps employees stay plugged into what’s going on in their own company at all times. And the mobile-friendly nature of social media allows organizations to communicate with employees anytime, anywhere. It’s particularly useful for a workforce that is frequently on the move, or without computer access, or geographically dispersed.

And last but not least, social media can also help employees accurately advocate for your products and services, create awareness, generate leads, and grow your business in the process.

Want to improve employee engagement through social media? Send us a message and let’s discuss how we can help you with your social media strategy.

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