The war over social media videos is taking an interesting turn of events. Instagram is going full speed ahead with its video focus strategy launching a new standalone app called IGTV.

IGTV is a mobile first app allowing anyone in the world to post and consume full screen vertical videos up to an hour long. Vertical videos – in general shot on smartphones – are a increasingly popular way to share and consume social media content, in “stories” in particular. By exclusively focusing on vertical video formats, the “Instagram TV” will encourage more spontaneous content from users and more creativity from seasoned content creators.

On top of having its own app, it will be accessible directly in the Instagram app – next to the DM button. This means that IGTV’s content – and app – will be accessible by Instagram’s billion users from the get-go.

Younger demographics – millennials and GEN Z – are targeted here as they are already spending lots of time on their phone. 95% of GEN Zers (Generation Z users) watch YouTube videos on a regular basis and 50% of them “can’t live without it” according to a survey by AdWeek. That’s because YouTube made itself THE default destination to search videos online. And it’s also where video content creators and influencers make their living. IGTV is taking on YouTube with the same positioning for mobile users and already has some of the top influencers and celebrities up and running on their own channels.

What does IGTV mean for your business?

Seeing the amazing success of Instagram’s strategy – and Facebook’s too – in the last few years, we can assume that IGTV will be a huge success. Will it be as huge as YouTube? It’s way too soon to tell.

But what does that mean for your social media strategy?

If you are already running an influencer program, reach out and check if the influencers you are working with intend to create content for IGTV. You should encourage them to give it a shot. Being among the first brands to lead the way could be a great opportunity for your business. And it never hurts to try something new.

If you are used to producing social media videos on a regular basis, then start thinking how you could integrate vertical videos in your creation process. Depending on your target audience, maybe IGTV is worth a shot! And don’t forget that YouTube may also enable full screen vertical videos in the future…

How about analytics? And content management? IGTV is a newborn, and many questions can’t be answered yet.

However, you can always contact us to see if IGTV could have a seat in your social media strategy and discuss the best way to proceed.

Learn more about IGTV on Instagram’s business blog.

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