The Deep Animated Series

The Mission

We’ve worked with the Technicolor Animation team on formulating a digital strategy, creating content and managing their social media calendar for their global hit animated show The Deep.

Scope of the project: target English speaking countries (heavy focus on North America, the UK, and Australia) and France. 

The Challenge

The main challenge was the ability to reach two very different audiences on social media. Kids, who are below the age limit* to have a social media account, and parents who decide what family-friendly programs to watch with their kids.

The other challenge was to grow their social presence organically with almost no access to advertising budget.

*Services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat require account holders to be at least 13 years-old.

The Strategy

We developed a content strategy designed to target each audience daily where it’s the most active: parents on Facebook, kids on YouTube.

Parents were a critical audience to reach as they decide - most of the time - what their kids can and can’t watch on TV or YouTube. Educating parents on Facebook about the show meant a higher chance for them to recommend it to their own kids. We also activated local trustworthy parent influencers.

We developed an engaging native content strategy mixing images, micro-videos (4-10 sec), and short videos (2-10 min) extracted from the show and posted daily. We also added educational pieces to the mix about ocean preservation, one of the main themes of the show.Strategy

The Outcome

  • Overall: +82% followers in 2019 (17.3k followers on Dec. 31st, 2019)
  • YouTube +94% followers from 3,795 to 7,357 followers (+3,562)
    4.1M impressions - +119% people reached compared to 2018
    593k video views - +79% compared to 2018
  • Facebook +69% followers from 5,220 to 8,828 followers (+3,608)
    +50% engaged Moms - women from 25-44
    +35% engaged Dads - men from 25-44
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followers in 2019
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