Digital & Social Media Campaigns

From ideation to creation, we help your company launch creative digital campaigns and manage them to ensure their success

Digital Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Digital campaigns are coordinated marketing efforts to reinforce or assist with a specific business goal. Could be the launch of a new product, brand awareness, driving sales, recruiting new talents, etc. Digital marketing campaigns differ from everyday online efforts. They are more focused, targeted, measurable and temporary.

Digital Campaigns Strategy

Social Media Campaigns Strategy

Digital Campaign Strategy

The best digital marketing campaigns start with a solid plan. This plan should be achievable, realistic, and consistent with your overall digital strategy.

Goals should be clearly defined from the get-go to measure and analyze the results of the campaign.

Digital Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation

Digital Content Creation

The success of all digital campaigns relies on how compelling and engaging their content is. Images, videos, articles, podcasts… Each piece of content and call to action is really critical to achieve your goals. So we make sure your content is optimized for social media consumption and is relevant to your target audience.

Cross-Channel Promotion

Cross-Channel Promotion

In an ideal world, digital campaigns are part of integrated marketing campaigns. Going beyond digital & social media channels is the best way to succeed as a company.

Campaign Analytics

Campaign Analytics

Measuring the performance of your digital campaigns is everything. And you should track more than just your follower count to see if you have reached your goals (engagement, web traffic, returning customers, etc.)